6 Ekim 2012 Cumartesi

The Place of Never Ending Conflicts

Diplomatic relations between Turkey and Syria have been on crisis since one of the villages close to the Syrian border in Turkey got shelled by Syrian mortars which resulted in the killing of five Turkish civilians on October the 4th. The internal struggle between Esad's army and the rebellions has been no doubt affecting the daily life on the border. As a result of this unfortunate event, Turkish parliamentary had a meeting to decide whether Turkey will use a military force or seek for an action towards Syria. With the majority of the parliament members, it was accepted to use military force against to the country.

Some of the social media users in Turkey began to express their opinions in favor of supporting the military action in Syria. I'd say it's because they deeply believe in the power/superiority of Turkish Military Forces which has the great capability* to do so. This kind of cheap nationalism (don't believe in any kind of nationalism though...) and just showing off this military power can not buy all of the faults/needs/conflicts that the country has now.

Anyways, I have no idea how to become a war enthusiast?

 *Did I mean the professionalism within the military forces? Apparently, it is only so called. 

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