26 Ekim 2009 Pazartesi


"We were raised by wolves and we are still wild."
 Slavoj Zizek

I adore Zizek in a way he agrees that we are not still complete human beings, neither our elders were. I think thats for sure and so current. For instance, we experience our feelings, emotions at the edge of extremes, we havent found a balance within ourselves, maybe a reason for this might be we dont need to make it. If I think more individually, this is mostly the reason why I get mad to myself- also to others- in conditions where I can not catch the balance all over my attitudes, in other words the consistency...It must be so immature behaviour when people change their acts according to the circumstances which is setted up like patterns of events or such.  Ofcourse I dont mean dressing up with summer clothes during the winter but the thing I want to make it clear is the meaningless of the adjusting  a behaviour consistently but totally in a inconsistent way...Due to the thing, we'll never catch this balance, we are attached to live as the immatures even we may become wilder and wilder through the life.

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